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Important :

  • Our inventory is subject to change based on the availability of stock.

  • The prices may vary with fluctuation in the scrap market.

  • We specialize in electronic goods and do not stock other household appliances.

  • We offer discounts for bulk orders, please contact us for more information.

  • Due to the nature of the product, we do not offer returns or refunds on our custom-made items.

  • Our delivery times may vary depending on the shipping location and method chosen.


Non Metal Rates

  • Newspapers- Rs.30 - Rs.32 

  • Books And Notes - Rs.20 Per KG

  • KRAFT (Cardboard)- Rs.11 Per KG

  • Plastic- Rs.20 Per KG​

Metal Rates

  • Iron- Rs.30 - Rs.35 (Normal & Bulk) ​

  • Steel- Rs.50 Per KG ​

  • Brass- Rs.400- Rs.420 Per KG

  • Aluminium- Rs.140 - Rs. 150 Per KG

  • Copper- Rs.550- Rs.640 Per KG



  • Iron Cooler- Rs.32 Per KG

  • Plastic- Rs.18 Per KG

  • Window AC- Rs.2700 Per Piece

  • AC (2TON) - Rs.4500 Per Piece

  • Washing Machine- Rs.500 - Rs. 1100 (Per Piece) 

  • Refrigerator- Rs.550 - Rs.850 (Per Single Door)

  • Double Door Refrigerator- Rs.1000 - 1300 (Per Double Door)

  • All Motors- Rs.38 Per KG

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