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Unlock the Value of

Your Scrap With Scrapson

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Benefit Of Metal Scrap Sell ?

Space Management

For Home- Metal scrap can take up valuable space in and around your home. Selling metal scrap allows you to declutter your living space or yard, freeing up space for other purposes, and improving overall organization and cleanliness.

Extra Income


For Home - Selling metal scrap from home can be a way to generate extra income. If you have metal items or scrap materials lying around your home, such as old appliances, broken tools, or unused metal parts, you can sell them to scrap dealers or recyclers and earn money from what would otherwise be considered waste.

How it works

Sell Scrap
At Door


Why Scrap Son?

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Presence Since 1982

We are a well-established business based in Thiruvannamalai, with roots dating back to 1982. Our journey began as a small shop, and we used to collect scrap door-to-door using a hand-push four-wheeler. Over the years, our commitment to providing excellent service and building trust with our customers has helped us establish a reputable business name in Thiruvannamalai and expand our operations.

Best Price

Best Price

our commitment to excellent service and customer satisfaction, we take pride in offering the best rates for your scrap materials. We understand the value of your scrap and believe in providing fair and competitive prices to our customers. Our team of experts carefully assesses the quality and quantity of the materials you bring in, ensuring that you receive the best rate for your scrap. We believe in transparency and honesty in our pricing, and we strive to build long-term relationships with our customers based on trust and mutual benefit.


Pickup At Door

we offer door-to-door pickup for your scrap materials. We understand that transporting heavy or bulky scrap items can be challenging, and we aim to make the process as easy as possible for our customers. Our team is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to handle scrap collection efficiently and safely. Whether you have a small or large quantity of scrap, we are happy to come to your location and collect it from your doorstep. Our door-to-door pickup service saves you time and effort.

Enviromental Benefits

Selling metal scrap and supporting recycling efforts, we have recycled a total of 720 tonnes of iron scraps to date. By reusing materials and reducing the need for extracting and processing new raw materials, we are promoting a more sustainable approach to resource management and contributing to environmental sustainability. Our efforts help conserve resources, reduce energy consumption and emissions, minimize waste, prevent pollution, conserve water, and promote a circular economy.

Recycling 720 Tones Iron Scrap Every Year
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